One of local MP's final visits -"Into" helping young people into better education

Posted on 28 April 2017 (Permalink)

“As one of my last visits to support great work in my constituency joined IntoUniversity and the University of Nottingham to celebrate five successful years of working to improve the lives of young people on the Broxtowe Estate. The event is held 28th April at 4pm at IntoUniversity Nottingham West.” said Graham Allen MP

“I remain a great supporter of IntoUniversity and their work.My constituency has fewer people going to university than any other in the UK. In 2015, 80% of IntoUniversity students progressed to university compared with the national average for maintained (state) schools of 34% in 2014. And students (who come from disadvantaged backgrounds) do considerably better with their help than the national average for pupils on Free School Meals, which was 23% in 2014.

The charity also conducted a Social Return on Investment calculation in 2010. The calculation for the Social Return on Investment for IntoUniversity was around 4.2 which means that for every £1 invested in IntoUniversity, £4.20 worth of social value is generated.

IntoUniversity is exactly the type of programme we need in Nottingham North to raise the aspirations and achievement of youngsters and thus boost the low level of social mobility. I raised my glass to their success and in a hope of many more successful years to come.” added Graham