Local Primaries get great offer from local charity to save children’s teeth

Posted on 7 April 2017 (Permalink)

Graham Allen, MP for Nottingham North, said: “I am personally phoning every Primary Head in my constituency of Nottingham North to offer an amazing opportunity to improve their pupils’ teeth and urge them not to miss it. Tooth decay is a massive problem for our children especially in Nottm North, and the programme facilitated by Rebalancing the Outer Estates Charity brings the dentists and nurses of the Teeth Team charity to local primaries at no cost to the schools for a year!

By the time they reach the age of 5, 38.5% of our children have experienced decay and disease. This is the second highest level among the local authorities in the East Midlands. It is even worse in our Nottingham North area which has higher than average levels of deprivation, meaning young children having even higher levels of decay than the average for the city. Not enough has been done nationally to help us fix this so we have decided locally to act ourselves.

Starting from this September Teeth Team is offering the schools everything they need to carry out a daily supervised tooth brushing session, as well as annual dental assessments for all children, bi-annual fluoride varnishing and regular dental education in the form of talks and presentations directly to the children. All the equipment and training required for this is provided so that it doesn’t place a burden on the school. Better yet, all of this is free of charge for the school for the first year and heavily funded by the Charity thereafter.

The programme, after starting up and serving over 9000 children in Hull, has already been successfully piloted in 3 of our local schools: Old Basford, Southwark and Whitemoor, but this is only helping a small fraction of our young children when the potential is right there to help almost all of them. I can’t stress how great an important I believe this to be, and really hope that we can eventually get every school in the constituency on board.”