Graham congratulates Family Nurse Partnership on its great NN work

Posted on 11 April 2017 (Permalink)

Graham Allen MP will be visiting Family Nurse Partnership at 1:00pm today at the Cornerhouse on the Broxtowe Estate. He brought FNP to his Nottingham North constituency 7 years ago to help teen mums and babies and will see its progress and meet the new officer in charge Caroline Wragg.

He said: “The Family Nurse Partnership has been doing incredible early intervention work in Nottingham North for almost 9 years now, and I was honoured to be able to host the Partnership’s tenth anniversary event in Parliament last month as a way of thanks.

FNP is a real success story and an example in the battle for Early Intervention to deliver educational improvement for the City. The service in Nottingham North has been provided by Nottingham CityCare since it was originally piloted back in 2008, and in that time their nurses have supported over 700 families with more than 600 babies across the entire city.

The programme has made great strides into an often neglected area, by supporting young mothers from pregnancy until their children’s second birthday. By visiting the whole families regularly – there have been over 21,000 individual visits by FNP nurses in Nottingham - the nurses have developed relationships and helped inexperienced teenagers adopt healthier lifestyles and improve their parenting skills. For these young mothers this vital support network can more often than not make the difference, for both them and their children.

As FNP have recently announced their national ‘Next Steps’ plan to improve and adapt their programme for the next 18 months, we also enter something of a new era here in the patch as there have been a number of retirements from the service. I’m today meeting with Caroline Wragg, a supervisor in the FNP service for the last five and a half years, to hear how the service will be going forward locally. I’m convinced that as time goes on there will be more and more support available to young families in Nottingham North.”

A video of Graham speaking to the FNP 10th Anniversary event can be found here.