MP calls for action on insecure employment in Nottingham North

Posted on 16 March 2017 (Permalink)

Nottingham North MP, Graham Allen, is calling upon the Government to take action against the ‘plague’ of insecure employment as new figures show the claimant count in the constituency has risen for the third month in a row, with youth unemployment almost three times as high as the UK average.

New figures collated by the House of Commons Library show the claimant count for last month at 5.9%, the 22nd highest of the 650 UK constituencies, and the highest in the East Midlands. The average UK claimant rate was 2.5%. Youth unemployment in the constituency is almost three times higher than the UK average at 6.2%.

The news comes as new data highlighted by the Trades Union Congress show that the number of people working on zero-hours contracts in the UK has risen 13 percent in a year to 905,000.

Commenting on the figures, Graham Allen MP said:

“It’s alarming to see yet another month-on-month rise in unemployment in Nottingham North, and to see such a high rate of unemployment amongst young people in particular. As figures out today show, the jobs that are being created in the UK aren’t secure jobs, but are instead exploitative, zero hours, jobs. Our country faces a long period of uncertainty with Brexit, and with the rise in jobs being replaced by artificial intelligence and the plague of zero hours contracts, the Government needs to pull together and get a grip on employment.

The “Midlands Engine” which the Government speaks of needs to be not just a soundbite, but a solution.”