Tributes to Jo Cox MP and Thank Yous

Posted on 20 June 2016 (Permalink)

Below is a number of tributes and thank yous, tweets, texts and emails that Graham has recieved in the wake of the death of Jo Cox MP. 


He did a peice for ITV News, which you can view here:


Dear Graham Allen MP,

Firstly, your local pharmacists are all shocked and saddened by the murder of Jo Cox MP. Whilst she was not our MP, clearly her values were truly traditionally British. Perhaps, more people - including MPs - would now reflect a little bit more on our values and conduct.

Secondly, we would like to thank you sincerely for the committed work you have done on behalf of our communities.

If you feel we can in any way support the work you are doing to support our communities, please do let us know. We are keen to support all our partners to help our communities.

Stay Safe, Stay Community Focused.



Been thinking about you over the last few days with last week’s terrible event – am sure I am not own in thanking you for what you do for Nottingham North and beyond every day.



"It's just so sad and depressing. It feels like part of the family has gone even though I didn't know her. Makes you realise you should appreciate people while they're here"




I wanted to express my condolences and great sadness over the death of your colleague Jo Cox. She sounded like a truly remarkable and wonderful woman, and will be such a great loss to the world and her family and friends. I was so very saddened and shocked to hear the news, as I expect everyone was.



"Just landed and heard the really tragic news of your colleague. So sad to hear about any killing especially of one of our politicians. We are with you and your colleagues."



"Just wanted to say, thinking of you and your MP colleagues after the shocking news of Jo Cox. Will catch up soon"



Thank you for being an mp,

You have made a sacrifice to serve our country to the best of your ability and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your dedication and diligence in all you do. I am sure at times you feel overwhelmed by the task and the negativity but I believe that as we reach out to each other in love with encouraging  and positive words and actions the world can become a better place.



My heart broke to read about the assassination  of Jo Cox. She must have been a colleague of yours. The whole Brexit movement is alarming and I feel it was precipitated by personal opportunism rather than genuine ideology. It mirrors the fear mongering racist element of Britain's  Trump equivalent.


Having recently spent a week in Germany I have seen the highest and most base elements of our humanity. I hope the polls are wrong as the exit group currently has a modest lead in the poles. All the more reason to support your efforts to bring equitable opportunities to deprived or left behind communities.


All to say you have been in my thoughts lately. Your take on social justice is precious and rare. Your advocacy for and impact on the most impoverished families is visible. Please take care of yourself.



I've recently moved so @GrahamAllenMP isn't my MP any more but he's a genuine guy who really cares. #ThankYourMP


Thank you for the work you do campaigning for change & representing constituents. @GrahamAllenMP #ThankYourMP


@GrahamAllenMP #ThankYourMP I am so so sorry about Ms Cox. Thank you for everything you do for us.


I am grateful for my MP @GrahamAllenMP didn't vote for you but thanks for representing us in parliament. #ThankYourMP #JoCoxMP








<p calibri,="" sans-serif;"="">desperately sad times aren't they ? It just occurred to me that if you were doing an MPs surgery tomorrow you might want a bit of moral support while you're there. I'd be happy to come along and reckon I could rustle up a couple more! Let me know Graham, we should all be standing up together.