Jo Cox MP - Condolences and further information

Posted on 20 June 2016 (Permalink)

Dear Friend,


A book of condolences has been opened for people to sign. It will be open for as long as it needs to be to give everyone a chance to pay their respects.


The online book  link is here which you may share.

Friends of Jo and Brendan have set up a memorial fund in celebration of Jo's life and her memory. The fund is to support three charities close to Jo's heart: the Royal Voluntary Service, HOPE not hate, and The White Helmets. You can donate and share here

There are vigils being organised all over the country.


Jeremy’s words from earlier today are copied below, along with a photo of the tribute which has been established in Parliament Square.





Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, said: “What happened in Birstall yesterday has shocked and saddened our whole country.

Jo Cox was an outstanding and inspiring new member of Parliament, who had already shown in her life and work her dedication to the cause of peace and social justice.

She was brutally murdered on the streets of this town, doing the job she was elected to do, representing the people she was elected to serve, doing her duty to the public and our democracy.

The killing of Jo Cox was not only the tragic loss of a fantastic human being, woman, mother, wife, friend and comrade to so many of us inside and outside Parliament.

It was an assault on democracy itself. An attack on the right of everyone to have their say in how our country is run, and for those that the people elect to be able to listen to and represent them without fear or favour.

As Jo’s husband Brendan said in his extraordinary and poignant tribute, Jo Cox was also the victim of hatred and intolerance.

Ours is a country where tolerance and respect for other people and different viewpoints have always been highly valued.

We must not allow those who peddle hatred, terror and division to poison and degrade our national and political life.

Jo Cox stood for tolerance, justice, peace and human rights. If any good can come from her killing it should be for us to come together as a country and face down hatred and intolerance in our society.

Jo’s death is a profound loss for all of us in the Labour party and wider Labour movement, but of course most of all to her close friends, family and her two young children.

They will now grow up without their mother, but can be immensely proud of what she achieved and what she stood for. We send them, and Brendan, our deepest condolences and love. They are in the hearts of all of us.”