Unemployment Data Tells A Sad Story

Posted on 20 May 2016 (Permalink)

Nottingham North still has the 19th highest unemployment rate in the country with 2,546 people still out of work. We just roll our sleeves up and try to make a dent in the numbers by local action. Graham and his charity, Rebalancing the Outer Estates Foundation, is working hard to help people into work.

A recent jobs fair organised by the charity was attended by over 500 local people and it is hoped that a number of those will have found employment as a result.

Rebalancing have also recently struck a deal with Nottingham City Homes to take on ten new trainees who are long term unemployed. They will be paid to work 30 hours per week as well as getting skills training for six months which will help them find future employment.

Local MP, Graham Allen said: “This kind of project will be the key to reducing our unemployment rate even further, by giving those who have been out of work a long time a chance to get back into employment is vital and I hope that this scheme is a success and is replicated by other companies across Nottingham North.

Our careers fair was also a fantastic and successful event. A good number of people had job offers and interviews as well as others finding out advice and we are compiling the figures to see how many people benefited. Sadly cannot do those all the time, but when we do, they are important for getting people back to work.

This shows we are making progress, but it is not going to be easy. We are rolling our sleeves up locally but it can’t all be done by ourselves. We need more support nationally from the Conservative Government. Especially with 605 of our young people still unemployed, I hope that they will do all they can to help everyone find employment.