147 local families didn't Budget for this

Posted on 16 March 2016 (Permalink)

Budget Day: What help for Nottm North’s unemployed?

“The Chancellor today announced his Budget, he said that times are still tough and he has detailed more spending cuts, yet, as expected, he is unable to deliver some good news for Nottingham North” said Graham Allen MP

The latest unemployment figures have been published today, on the same day as George Osborne delivers his Budget.

In the last month, unemployment in Nottingham North has gone up by 147, they are now out of work when last month they were in a job. This means that 6.2% of residents are jobless, more than double the national average which sits at 2.5%. Nottingham North has the 14th highest unemployment rate in the country.

Local MP, Graham Allen said: “On this important day for the economy, I wonder what the Chancellor will do to help those people in Nottingham North who struggle to get by day in, day out.

The announcement of more cuts, at a time when local services have already been cut to the bone, will leave little left for those who desperately need it. The recent cuts to disability benefit highlight the real agenda of this Tory Government, to take away from the poorest and give to the rich. In many ways, George Osborne is a “reverse Robin Hood”. Today’s unemployment figures show the Chancellor’s plan is not working for areas like my patch of Nottingham North.

I had hoped that the Chancellor would announce some positive news for areas like ours, to help people get back on their feet. However the reality is that he cuts public spending at the same time as cutting corporation tax. This will do little to help people make a decent living and get on in life.”