Graham backs Cyber Crime Bill

Posted on 9 March 2016 (Permalink)

Graham has pledged his support to the "Cyber Crime" Bill which is being presented in Parliament today. The bill is being presented by Plaid Cymru MP Liz Saville-Roberts and has a number of aims including putting into law offences which relate to online activity for example “Revenge Porn”. It will also simplify and consolidate offences and will aim to stop online bullying and abuse. She has received cross-party support for her Bill.


Graham said: "I am proud to back this Bill. We must ensure that the internet and other platforms do not become a place where people can be bullied and abused. Currently, laws relating to digital crime exist in over 30 pieces of legislation and the Bill will bring them together in one place, making it easier to define and increasing the chance of justice for victims.


The digital world evolves very quickly, as a result we must legislate as soon as possible to keep up. Liz’s bill will ensure we are right up to date. The reality is that cyber-crime is frequently under-reported. Residents should be safe and secure when surfing the web and this Bill will put into law the safeguards necessary to protect everyone so they can feel comfortable in coming forward to report these terrible crimes.”