Teen mum & baby unit closure - Graham's Message of support to tonight's meeting

Posted on 12 February 2016 (Permalink)

I am delighted that people in our community care about the Beckhampton Centre and that they see how beneficial the Centre is for the young mums, their babies and the community as a whole. I would like to thank you for coming today to show your support.


The Beckhampton Centre is one of the best weapons we have had in combating the high rate of teen pregnancy and it would be short sighted and costly to lose it and thus see the quality of life for mums and babies reduced and recurring lifetime costs increase. It should not close.


We know that the Centre works not only because of the fantastic testimonies of young mums who have gone through the Centre and have been able to make a good life for themselves and their babies but also because the teen pregnancy rate has dramatically fallen over the time in Nottingham North.


For many teen mums Beckhampton was the single reason why they were able to finish school and obtain qualification such as GCSEs, something they would not be able to do in mainstream schools.


The Centre is a classic example of how short terms savings will cost us more in the long run. I know times are hard, the Government is cruelly reducing money going to our council. I fully understand that. However, this facility is not the problem but part of the answer since it actually saves a lot of money.


The Council ought to commission a proper cost benefit analysis to establish the highly disputed costs of Beckhampton accurately before an irrevocable decision is made on the back of existing and partisan numbers. They should also ask external authority to come up with a Business plan to secure a positive future for Beckhampton. I would gladly discuss this directly with any colleague on the Executive Board.


I have been a strong advocate of the Centre and I will continue to fight for it so it can remain open.


Please find attached the flyer for the public meeting on Friday 12th Feb.


Thanks for your support