The first UK Health MOT's for the 60+ starts in Nottm North

Posted on 4 February 2016 (Permalink)

UPDATE Graham will be joined by the NHS National Cancer Lead Professor Sean Duffy who is coming to discuss the early results. Up to date statistics also have just come in

An innovative new service is being tested with a local doctor in Nottingham North to help prevent illness later in life by identifying  problems early. The Rebalancing the Outer Estate charity has set as one of its goals to give every 60 year old a health MOT and a first of its kind pilot has begun in Bilborough in collaboration with local health partners.

To officially launch the initiative Graham Allen, Chair of Rebalancing will be having his own MOT at Dr Khalique’ s surgery.

Graham said: “Nottingham North has unacceptably high levels of ill health especially in the over 60s and so we are trying to intervene early, prevent illness and support early detection and treatment of problems. We have had the most tremendous support from the health community locally, especially from the Clinical Commissioning Group which oversees the local health and GP service in Nottingham. They have funded the pilot so local people who are at greater risk can have a MOT paying special attention to the lungs , and if necessary have a follow up scan on site. The pilot has begun and is already proving highly popular with local people, and if we are happy with the outcome, our aim is to replicate this across Nottingham and possibly much wider and deeper. The key here is that preventive health is coming to the community which makes it so much easier and more convenient for local patients especially since they have the  health checks in the surgery of a local doctor who they know and trust.”  

Doctor Abraze Khalique, a local GP in Bilborough said “I have so far invited 188 local patients to come for the check and 65 have been seen so far. We have started with the over 60s who have a history of smoking. The MOT takes place in the friendly and informal atmosphere of my surgery and everyone has been very happy and comfortable to come along. Doing this locally also means that the GP like myself can add a few tests as appropriate, in my case we are giving everyone who is eligible an NHS Health Check, blood pressure measure and a blood test.  39% of attendees had signs of either COPD or asthma and are getting follow up help at our  community clinic and healthy lifestyle advice ,including smoking cessation advice at New Leaf.  50 patients were found to be suitable to have a CT scan of which 28 have already taken place with the CT scanner helpfully situated in my car park. It is great that Bilborough is pioneering this and we will be  very proud if it spreads across our city and country.”

Simon Castle of the Chief Executive of the Clinical Commissioning Group said: “This demonstrates our local health service being outward looking and taking preventive services to patients in their own back yard. We are pleased to have funded the initiative and will be measuring the results very closely. These tests provide an immense reassurance for the individuals concerned and occasionally catch health problems before they have developed so they can be  treated early. We are delighted to be working with the Rebalancing the Outer Estate charity, local GPs and patients to pioneer this vital service.

Phyllis Brackenbury, Director of Operations at Nottm CityCare said ”CityCare is really excited that this health screening MOT is being undertaken by our own CityCare Respiratory Nurses. The response has been so popular that additional clinics  have been needed to manage the demand.  Through their clinical assessment the nurses identify those patients at increased risk of health and lung problems and can refer them  for a CT scan and consultant review. This is a great example of a preventative health partnership delivery between CityCare, Primary Care, the CCG, Public Health and the McMillan GP and we await the outcomes with interest.”

Jane Ellison Minister for Public Health said ‘I really enjoyed my visit to Nottingham and was impressed by the public health vision set by Rebalancing Charity. Having visited its MOT sub group of health partners who have developed this preventative pilot, I will look with great anticipation to see if Bilborough gets positive and evidenced results. I wish this initiative every success.’