Biodome for Bulwell school?

Posted on 4 February 2016 (Permalink)

“I'm throwing my weight behind the project to bring a Biodome to Bulwell as well as looking forward to a lovely school dinner when I visit the excellent Crabtree Farm Primary tomorrow"said local MP Graham Allen.

On Friday 5th February, Graham will be at Crabtree Farm Primary school for a visit to discuss key issues. The Chair and Vice Chair of Governors, the Head teacher, Mrs Pritchard and members of the school council will be there to discuss with Graham how the school can purchase a Biodome to help teach them about the benefits of sustainability.

The Biodome (pictured below) is a 20ft greenhouse in which the school can create an ecosystem for the children to grow their own plants using renewable energy and learn about the issues facing our planet. The school can either purchase the dome outright or will have to apply for funding.

Graham said: “It is always a pleasure to visit the schools in my patch. It will be wonderful to hear about the great work that the kids and the staff do every day, as well as discussing how we can give these kids the best start in life.

I am also keen to discuss how we can bring a Biodome to the school to educate the students about living healthier and greener lives and of course I will be able to enjoy a lovely school dinner with the pupils.”