Ministry of Defence has changed their investigation procedure

Posted on 3 February 2016 (Permalink)

Thanks to my continues effort, together with organisation Airwars, I have contributed to the change of position of the Ministry of Defence on accepting and examining credible reports of civilian casualties from external organisations and not only relying on their internal investigation. 


Despite I welcome this change, the MoD has to establish an official mechanism for submitting evidence of alleged air strikes, which involved civilian casualties, and should be willing to openly cooperate with organisations such Airwars in doing so. I have been trying to accommodate a meeting between officials from the MoD and representatives from Airwars for some months now but the MoD has refused to agree to such meeting. It is disappointing to see the Government talking about civilian casualty-free war and yet refusing to be open to public scrutiny of those bold claims. I hope that the re-examination of these alleged incidents in Iraq by the MoD is a first step in establishing a new and much clearer mechanism for scrutinising air strikes carried by the UK


To read an article published today by Airwars on MoD's examination of British aircraft not being involved in alleged Iraq civilian casualty events click here: