Giving a chance to disabled people

Posted on 20 November 2015 (Permalink)


25th January 2016 - Graham meeting the Minister for Disabled People, Justin Tomlinson to discuss launching Disability Confident in Nottingham North after success in Nottingham as a whole. Graham is looking forward to lots of employers supporting Disability Confident and offering jobs at the Disability Confident Jobs Fair on February 26th at Bulwell Riverside.

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We should all look beyond a disability or long term health condition and see the value of the real person. That is the message the Rebalancing the Outer Estates Charity will be bringing to local employers at an event in February. Creating job opportunities for people with and without disabilities is good for people and good for business. On the 11th of November, I hosted the Disability Confident event in town. It was for employers to see the potential of those with a disability or health condition. This was followed by a jobs fair for those with a long term health condition or disability. Both events were so successful I am repeating them in Nottm North.

As Government cuts Disability Work Advisors people with a disability continue to face huge barriers to finding work due to employer attitudes or inaccessible workplaces. The recent decline in disability advisors leaves those who face disability across the UK and specifically in Nottingham much harder to find job as disability employment advisors make a huge difference in supporting disabled people into work – providing expert, personalised advice and guidance.

Disabled people are more likely to have little to no qualifications or training when first seeking employment, and are more likely to live in poor housing. Approximately one in ten adults in Nottinghamshire aged 18-64 live with moderate/severe physical disabilities and approximately one in five people aged 65+ in Nottinghamshire are unable to manage at least one daily activity.

This is why efforts such as the Disability Confident event are so important for us to engage in. I was very pleased with the outcome of the effort and the pledges by employers to Disability Confident from local companies like Ingeus, Wilkos, Primark,E-oN and other employers

I have the upmost respect for companies and individuals who are willing to give Disability Confident a try. We need to ensure that a combined effort from companies, Government, and our local community do all they can to help support those who may have one disabilities but often have loads of Ability.




Graham making an opening speech at the Disability Confident event