Our Kids Are What They Eat

Posted on 3 November 2015 (Permalink)

“Nottm North has double the national average of children taking up free school meals. Chefs who assist in preparing school meals for the kids in our constituency are not only skilled in what they do, but they are a main catalyst for enabling our children to have the highest quality food available to them. Nutritious food choices that are low in salts, fats, and sugar that are prepared by our school chefs afford one of the greatest gifts we can give our children: that of a healthy body and mind” said Graham Allen, MP.

This week over 24,000 schools across England and Wales are celebrating innovative school meal catering services, coining this week National Schools Meals Week. Last June, in an effort to reduce the amount of sugar intake for school children, Nottingham North discontinued serving children fruit juice in their school lunch. Additionally, many schools across Nottingham North have recently implemented lower costing school meals for children through trucking in fresh local produce. The UK still struggles with aiding the issue of overweight children, with almost a quarter of children being overweight by the time they start primary school and 18% of 11 year olds being obese.

“I believe that the children in our schools deserve nutritional and healthy food options that will encourage healthy food choices as they grow older, and overall aid with overweight and obesity health issues that come from unhealthy food choices. The diet decisions we help our children make now will assist them as they grow into young adults who will make independent decisions about how to care for their body and mind through the food choices they make”

“The UK continues to have a real problem with childhood obesity, I agree that healthy school lunches should be part of helping to tackle this problem and there is also evidence that a healthy diet can help young people and children to concentrate at school. I am glad to support the National School Meals week through continuing to make sure proper action is taken in providing our young with the highest quality meals we can provide, supporting their growth and in making responsible choices with their diet as they grow”

Too many cooks! Graham pictured below with the dinner ladies of the Djanogly Strelley Primary Academy in his constituencies said  “I still remember my dinner ladies from Robert Shaw Primary on the Ainsley estate, do you remember yours? “




Graham Allen

MP for Nottingham North

Twitter: @GrahamAllenMP

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