Eastglade-Green Regeneration/New Garden Village?

Posted on 2 November 2015 (Permalink)

For a number of years, Eastglade site, located in Top Valley in the Bestwood ward, has proved to be problematic for a number of reasons since the Eastglade Primary and Nursery School was closed in 2007.  Vandalism, fly tipping and anti-social behaviour have meant that the area has become a nuisance for those living in neighbouring properties.  For these reasons, there is a strong political will amongst both politicians and people in the community for this site to be developed and brought back into use.

The Rebalancing Foundation would like to consider a contribution to enable the redevelopment of this problematic site especially to support both the skills development of local people and the contribution to tackling health inequality through healthy eating.

In October 2014 Graham Allen MP arranged a high profile workshop with Ted Stevens, the pre-eminent national expert in self build and custom build housing.  This was soon followed by an Urban Design Workshop in February 2015 considering ways to improve the physical design of the locality, and exploring specific improvements to particular areas.

We now have a practical proposition which we would value people's advice on. Graham has already convened the key players [including City Council, NottmCity Homes, Rebalancing & local representatives] to ensure we have serious backing and can purchase the land at reasonable cost from the Education department.

We now want to firm up a green design proposal going further than the last one. In order to do that we are calling together a brainstorm on Nov 27th at 11:00am at the Top Valley Academy, Nottingham NG5 9AZ and are inviting people who might be interested to attend. This is close to the Eastglade school which should you wish to visit it on the way  is off Whitcombe Gardens, Top Valley NG5 9ED. We want to prove that the outer estates in the 5th most deprived constituency in the UK can produce an innovative, cost effective, low carbon and energy efficient regeneration  scheme helping to combat fuel poverty and generating  a model for replication in Nottingham and elsewhere. We also want to agree this swiftly well ahead of the next financial year.

Any first thoughts would be welcome and I will circulate them around our friends and see if we can get some common ground ahead of the 27th.