Roots of Empathy Is Looking For a Mum With a Baby

Posted on 30 October 2015 (Permalink)

You might have seen me along with Katie Cohen, Roots of Emphaty UK Programmes Manager, on East Midlands Tonight last week, if not you can watch it here: Our quest to find more Roots of Empathy families continues. We have five families lined-up but ideally we need another 10. It would be great if you could keep your eyes and ears open for us and get in touch with Katie Cohen on if you know anyone who would like to participate.  

The Roots of Empathy instructor training is taking place next week, 3rd-5th November at NCN Basford Hall. We are very excited to be able to welcome 15 trainee instructors from ten local primary schools. We are lucky to have Kathy Alves joining us from Canada who is our international Manager of Mentoring to lead the training. We will also be running a twilight session for teachers from the participating schools on the evening of the 4th, if you know of anyone else who would like to find out more about ROE let me know and we can sign them up.