Graham Outlines His Vision For A Creative Eighth In Nottingham North

Posted on 29 October 2015 (Permalink)

As part of his Rebalancing the Outer Estates Foundation, Graham is calling for more creativity in Nottingham North and he is working with the Creative Quarter to create a "Creative Eighth" in the area.

Rebalancing is looking to appoint someone full time to bring this to fruition. To find out more about the post and the Creative Eighth see below:




The Creative Eighth is the working title for the creative neighbourhoods’ project in Nottingham North which supports creative businesses and entrepreneurialism in the area. The idea for the project has come from Graham Allen MP’s work in Nottingham North as part of his Rebalancing project. More information is available here:


The aims of the Rebalancing Project are to:


  • Create more jobs in and around North Nottingham and to re-create a culture where work is the norm;
  • Ensure these jobs are accessible to local residents and lead to improved life opportunities;
  • Improve education, skills and training for local residents and ensure future developments create a mix of employment and mixed tenure housing opportunities
  • Support local communities to make North Nottingham a great place to live.


The project plans to put a full time careers adviser back into every secondary school in Nottingham North. Their job will be to give training, skills and work advice to young people, with a focus on the 14-17 age group.


In addition, after a long and hard-fought campaign to save it from closing, a new £26 million rebuild of Basford Hall is underway. This is a great investment into Nottingham North and help to give our young people a kick start to their careers and offer them a brighter future.


A small core team of three staff oversees and supports the programme and a number of part-time associates, consultants and advisors work with the core team to manage and support particular projects and special initiatives.


The Creative Eighth sits alongside these initiatives and will work in tandem with them to develop Nottingham North as a creative industries hub.  This initiative has been developed by the Rebalancing Project in collaboration with the Creative Quarter.


Vision for the Creative Eighth


Nottingham North's Creative Eighth is a creative place, confident in turning ideas into action which create real change for the area. It is full of lively open spaces - indoors and outdoors, including vibrant shops, community centres, lively schools, parks, pubs and streets, nurseries and youth clubs, allotments and green space, sports and leisure centres and many more.


Creativity in the area is valued and residents of the area are confident in their creative thinking skills and ability to turn creative ideas into action and businesses. The area values its diverse cultures and intergenerational communities, as well as understanding and appreciating its rich heritage.


In the area it is easy to access space for creative and entrepreneurial use, the creative community is well-networked and connected to each other and the creative networks in the city, and cultural and entrepreneurial projects are well-run, well-planned and well-resourced.


The area has a healthy volunteering community but key individuals are remunerated for their particular skills and people in the area are working in and / or see themselves working in the creative and digital industries sector.


The assets of the area are shared and used widely by people of all ages and it is the most creative cluster of neighbourhoods in the UK.



Development Steps: progress to date


Two community wide Creative Eighth meetings have been held in the area which has had a wide and diverse attendance from individuals and groups who live and work across the area.


They have discussed the draft Vision for Creative Eighth,  key findings from the first workshop with community leaders, the foundations needed to make the vision happen and how to use assets and existing resources effectively.


The first session was followed up by a Roundtable discussion which further explored  what can be done with the existing local (to Nottingham North) resources and the resources of the partners; what additional value the arts, culture and creative / digital business in the city can bring to the Rebalancing project and what kind of resources partners already have which they can align to the project.


The Roundtable discussion also identified:

  • one priority for creating a strong robust foundation for the project and
  • one priority for a test action research project to test some key ways of working between the community leaders and the creative / digital organisations
  • what needs to be done to build a stronger working relationship between the arts, cultural and creative businesses in the city and the Nottingham North project
  • What a Development Programme over a year would look like e.g.  key elements, work streams, outcomes, pilot projects, partnership-building, engagement strategies.


It was agreed that one significant next step would be to appoint a Creative Eighth Co-ordinator whose role would be to develop and deliver a year long programme of arts and cultural activity which expresses the vision of the Creative Eighth initiative.


This document identifies the knowledge, skills and experience required to undertake that role.



Creative Eighth Co-ordinator
Full time, 37.5 hours per week, £25,000 p.a.

One year fixed-term contract



Key Purpose:  to work with The Creative Eighth Steering Group, Nottingham north and city-based partners and the Rebalancing Project team  to successfully develop and deliver The Creative Eighth - a new cultural and creative industries initiative which creates jobs, growth, transformation of place and civic pride in Nottingham north.


Main Responsibilities


  1. To put foundations in place for partnership working that supports the design, development and delivery of the initiative, including:


  • Mapping existing cultural, creative and digital industries activity and assets in Nottingham north, identifying hubs and assets with particular potential for hosting more activity
  • Familiarisation with the city’s cultural, digital and creative industries offer
  • Development of a Creative Eighth network of organisations who work to support the initiative and ensure its effective delivery on the ground
  • Working with a Steering group of Nottingham North and city-based cultural & creative industries organisations to create a road-map for The Creative Eighth
  • Putting in place a capacity-building programme for The Creative Eighth


  1. To deliver some test projects and programmes to generate activity, build a wider constituency of partners and engage local communities and neighbourhoods, including:


  • Coordinate one or possibly six (one in each ward) showcase days where local community and cultural organisations showcase their ‘offer’ alongside city-wide organisations. These events should also highlight local talent and local assets and facilities and should aim to present the ‘offer’ as a coherent whole.
  • Organise ‘go see’ trips for Nottingham north organisation reps and city-centre based organisations to get to understand the breadth of the cultural, creative and digital industries offer citywide
  • Unlocking spaces – to develop an audit of spaces and matchmaking process to match appropriate activity to spaces; also to identify barriers to access and creative ways of unlocking the barriers to support wider participation. This would also include stimulating activity to take place in local parks and outdoor spaces.
  • A Trip Into history – explore the potential of heritage and / or cultural tours of the area taking place on the local bus or tram network to emphasise the connectivity between the city and Nottingham north and to support greater exchange.

  • To support communications with a range of partners and stakeholders including a wider community of interested parties

    • Gathering and feeding content to the Communications Volunteer
    • Supporting content generation and pr and media activity around the creativity of the area.  
    • Building positive relationships and liaising with initiative partners to understand their needs and priorities, and help to develop mutually beneficial ways of working.
    • Representing the initiative in meetings with external partners

  • To support the quality assurance, evaluation and development of the Creative Eighth 
    • Agreeing appropriate outcome targets, milestones and reporting regimes with project partners / grantees
    • Assisting in the preparation of internal development proposals
    • Establishing links and sharing good practice and initiative findings with partners and other organisations as appropriate.










    Educated to degree level or equivalent



    Track record of managing successful projects and partnership working.
  • Building and sustaining positive working relationships with a wide range of agencies including schools
  • Budget setting and monitoring
  • Experience of event and cultural/creative industries programme management
  • Experience of income generation and fund raising.
  • Experience of event/workshop/ seminar planning  in a community  setting
  • Experience of supporting online communities
  • At least two years’ experience of working in a creative and/or cultural business
  • Has access to networks of arts, heritage, social, cultural and creative industries in Nottingham.


    Project management experience
  • Knowledge of current policy initiatives in Nottingham

    Skills and


    Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Confident and articulate, with excellent written, verbal and presentation skills.
  • Excellent planning, prioritisation and organisational skills
  • Ability to work in a flexible way as a member of a small team, working without direct supervision and managing own workload and responsibilities.
  • Strong IT skills, including use of spreadsheets and databases to support effective management systems.
  • Ability to work at grass roots Community Level


    Commitment to the aims and values of The Creative Eighth
  • Enthusiastic and self-motivated, with a  ‘can do’ attitude
  • Reliable and resourceful
  • Willing to undertake occasional travel in carrying out responsibilities




    Reporting to:

    The employment organisation will be The Creative Quarter, but the Director of Building Communities, Rebalancing Nottingham North will have ultimate responsibility for the employee. The Creative Quarter CEO and team will also provide support management and additional support for the postholder.

    A performance management framework with appropriate milestones, performance indices will be agreed with the post-holder and the Creative Eighth Steering Group, and approved by the Rebalancing team


    £25,000 pa full time

    Length of appointment

    Fixed term contract for one year



    37.5 hours per week


    Probationary period

    There will be a probationary period of three months.


    The postholder will ideally be based in Riverside.


    22 days leave per annum (pro rata), plus statutory holidays.



    The contract can be terminated by either party on giving one months’ notice.


    Principal benefits (after completion of probationary period)

    Employer pension contribution (1%)

    Medical, Permanent Health and Life Insurances.

    Secondment opportunity

    This post is available as a secondment agreement. Please ensure that you have your employers' agreement for release before making an application. In the case of a secondment, we would seek an agreement with the employer of the successful applicant that the applicant would be able to return to their employer at the end of the secondment period. The applicant would retain the terms and conditions relating to their existing contract of employment, including salary, annual leave and pension contributions.

    How to apply


    Please e-mail a completed application form and a cover letter (max two sides) explaining why you feel you are suitable for this position to


    Closing date for applications:  Sunday 8th November, midnight
    Interviews will take place on Thurs 12th November            

    Start date: As soon as possible