Graham Opposes New Junior Doctors' Contracts

Posted on 28 October 2015 (Permalink)

Graham will be supporting an Opposition motion today calling for the government to rethink its proposed changes to Junior Doctors' Contracts.

The Government, despite widespread opposition including from the British Medical Assosciation. plan to introducea new contract which will remove protections which stop junior doctors from working excessive hours, will give them a pay cut and will force them to sign up to the new arrangements


The motion is below:


Junior doctors' contracts

Jeremy Corbyn
Heidi Alexander
Luciana Berger
Ms Angela Eagle
Ms Rosie Winterton
Lilian Greenwood
Caroline Lucas

That this House notes the stalled discussions between Government and the British Medical Association (BMA) about a new junior doctors’ contract; opposes the removal of financial penalties from hospitals which protect staff from working excessive hours; urges the Government to guarantee that no junior doctor will have their pay cut as a result of a new contract; and calls upon the Government to withdraw the threat of contract imposition, put forward proposals which are safe for patients and fair for junior doctors and return to negotiations with the BMA.