Graham meets with constituents about TTIP

Posted on 12 October 2015 (Permalink)

“TTIP is a vital issue and I am pleased to meet with 38 Degrees members in my patch. It was very good to hear their concerns” said Graham Allen MP

Graham met with members of 38 Degrees on Saturday 10th October at the Riverside in Bulwell to discuss the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and receive a petition with signatures from his constituents.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is an agreement that is currently being negotiated between the EU and the USA with the aim of reducing trade barriers to boost the economy. However, many of the negotiations have taken place behind closed doors, leading to concerns that it will benefit corporations over Governments, particularly a section that will businesses to sue Government if their laws hinder the companies profits.

Graham Allen, Labour MP for Nottingham North said: “I throughly enjoyed meeting with 38 Degrees about this important issue. I have corresponded with many constituents who have alerted me to their concerns on TTIP, so I appreciate there is considerable public concern about the TTIP negotiations and, in particular, about the impact this agreement could have on our public services and in important areas such as consumer safety.

I feel these proposals should receive proper scrutiny at both a UK and EU level and that any final deal must have transparency and accountability at its heart.

I support the principles behind the negotiations on TTIP and I believe there are ways the agreement could bring significant benefits to Britain. It is crucial, however, that the benefits of TTIP filter down to employees, small businesses and consumers, that the deal is open and accountable and that it does not water down current labour, consumer, environmental and food safety standards.

I hope that the Government now listen and respond to these concerns. I will be following TTIP very closely and press the Government to ensure that it delivers the jobs, growth and fairer deal for consumers we all want to see”.


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