Hoewood Victory at Last

Posted on 8 October 2015 (Permalink)

“As someone who has been a supporter of reviving the derelict Hoewood/LowWood site over the years I am pleased that after 15 years we have finally secured some funding to start its transformation into treasured community asset.

We are holding an event to update local stakeholders on this brilliant progress for the site. It will be held at Rufford School in Bulwell, NG6 8LE (opposite the Hoewood/Low Wood site) at 4-5pm on Friday 9th October. If you have any ideas for the sight then please get in touch with me” said Graham Allen MP

Plans are finally coming together to turn a derelict piece of County Council land in Bulwell in between bounded by Hoewood and Loewood roads into a green space which can be used the whole community.

The space has served many purposes over the years and is steeped in history. Beginning in 1880-1930 as a 9 metre deep  quarry for the unique Bulwell sandstone, an informal lido, then from 1950-1980 as the Bold Street tip for domestic waste, next it was top soiled and used as a school playing field, now it is an eyesore that collectively we will no longer tolerate. Levels of pollution on the land while too high for housing or industry, are not too high for a community wood or park.

Local MP Graham Allen said: “I cannot wait to see this space finally transformed into an area which can provide green space for my patch.

We will look at the Wren Funded project which we have secured for the agreed project / design for at least to half the site and discuss what we might do if the rest of the site becomes available to us from the County Council.

We welcome everyone form the community who would like to discuss the progress and bring their own ideas about what they would like to see on the rest of the site in future.” said Graham. 



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To read more about the meeting visit this link: http://www.nottinghampost.com/Bullwell-tip-turned-public-park/story-27954387-detail/story.html