Nottingham 8th Most Deprived Area in UK

Posted on 6 October 2015 (Permalink)

“Latest figures published in the Index of Deprivation which is published by the Office of National Statistics every five years, show that neighbourhoods in Nottingham are 7.9% more deprived than 5 years ago. This is one of the largest increases in the country.

Nottingham is now the 8th most deprived area in the country, with 33.5% of neighbourhoods are classed as deprived and Nottm North having more than its fair share of these neighbourhoods. This is up from 25th in 2010 where 25.6 per cent of the neighbourhoods were classed as deprived.

Our local Council, other public, private and voluntary bodies do their best to rebalance our local economy but their hands are still ultimately tied by Government. This is the strongest argument for further devolution, we can make better decisions locally than anyone in overcentralized Whitehall. That’s why I welcome the devolution package proposed this week for Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire –with or without an imposed Mayor-as the first of many steps to the full devolution that we need. One of the future steps has to be moving power and decision making even more locally, where ever appropriate to our communities and neighbourhoods. Replacing Whitehall with town hall will be welcome, but devolution can’t stop there especially if we are to have balanced, healthy, fully employed and sustainable communities.

These disgraceful figures show that 5 years of massively over centralised Whitehall  Government has been bad news for Nottingham North. The pursuit of austerity policies is having a dire effect on our area” said Graham Allen MP

10 of the 1000 most deprived neighbourhoods in the country of 32,834 neighbourhoods are in Nottingham North.


Breakdown of those 10 neighbourhoods:


  • 63rd  Bulwell Crabtree/Stockhill
  • 78th  Aspley. Broxtowe Alwyn
  • 103rd Bilborough Monkton
  • 145th Aspley. Broxtowe Deepdene
  • 289th Aspley. Amesbury Circus
  • 388th Aspley. Broxtowe Bradfield
  • 627th Bilborough Bracebridge
  • 671st Bulwell Hall
  • 743rd Bestwood Birkdale
  • 806th Bulwell Hoewood


Nottingham North scored particularly poorly on the Education, Skills and Training Deprivation, Income Deprivation and Income Deprivation Affecting Children indexes.


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Nottingham North MP Graham Allen said: “These shocking statistics underline the damaging effect that Central Government’s policies are having on my patch.

Other big cities such as Manchester and Liverpool have seen their figures fall by around 5 and 6% respectively, it is not fair on the people of Nottingham to be left behind by insensitive  central policies. Add to this the reduction in central government grant by half in the last 6 years and you see how much better off we would be using our resources in the way we know best.”


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