I voted against going to war again in Iraq

Posted on 1 October 2014 (Permalink)

Among those who plan to vote against military intervention is Labour MP Graham Allen who rejected the Prime Minister's claim that IS represent a clear and present domestic threat.

"I do not believe that. We are building up a long-term clear and future danger to our national security by what we are doing," he said.

"You should never do what your enemies want you to do. The religious fundamentalists would be delighted to see that we are invading their region again.

"History shows from our previous excursions into Iraq that we leave the situation worse than we find it and create more orphans and terrorists.

"And we have no clear strategy. People assume it's a couple of weeks in and out to help the people who are fleeing but we've heard the Defence Secretary say it could be three years."

The problems of the region "need to be resolved by the Arab powers, not Europeans", he suggested.

"It's long term rather than trying yet another quick fix.

If we are serious about the humanitarian crisis let’s send 60 heavily laden cargo planes with food and medical personnel not 6 bombers”