The Early Intervention Foundation today launches new tool to help make evidence-based policy a reality.

Posted on 21 July 2014 (Permalink)

The Early Intervention Foundation today launches new tool to help make evidence-based policy a reality.

Today (Monday 21st July) the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF), a charity and Government What Works Centre, will launch a new interactive, online Guidebook to help show what works in Early Intervention to improve children’s outcomes.

The Guidebook, to be launched at an event at Local Government House this afternoon, combines a search tool to sift Early Intervention programmes and guidance on implementation - to ensure Early Intervention is delivered in a way which best improves the lives and future chances of babies, children and families.

Aimed at commissioners and those working on policy, the tool enables users to search programmes according to the very wide range of outcomes for which Early Intervention can bring benefits:

 ·         The family and the home

 ·         Positive early child development

·         Child maltreatment

·         School achievement & employment

·         Mental health & well-being

·         Crime, violence & antisocial behaviour

·         Substance misuse

·         Risky sexual risky behaviour & teen pregnancy

·         Obesity & healthy physical development

The Guidebook has an initial 50 programmes which have been successfully implemented in the UK. These programmes are rated in terms of the strength of the evidence that they have been effective. Our introduction has more information on these evidence standards and the Guidebook more widely. You can explore the Guidebook online from Monday morning. Teasers which show some example programmes are on our Twitter feed @theEIFoundation.

Professor Leon Feinstein, Head of Evidence at the Early Intervention Foundation, said:


“We are delighted to launch this Guidebook which will be a step towards improving the quality and effectiveness of Early Intervention across the country. “Early Intervention is about ensuring children and young people are ready and able to lead happy and healthy adult lives. The Guidebook includes programmes and also advice on how to use this information. “We aim to improve knowledge about what works and what doesn’t, and also to improve the use of this information. So communicating it in an accessible and clear way is essential, together with our advice work and work with 20 Places, this Guidebook can help in transforming practice across the country, supporting us to ensure children have a better chance to fulfil their potential.” For further information, please contact Ellie Gellard on 07969437066