A Queen's speech that can mean something for us all - not business as usual

Posted on 2 June 2014 (Permalink)

To meet the crisis in British politics the Queens Speech on Wednesday should do much more than deliver a final year of this Parliament conventionally stuffed full of Government legislation. A lighter legislative year would enable the Governing parties and the other parties to use Parliamentary time to do what the voters  and the nation needs, that is to  take a sensible amount of time to stock take on where they are, listen to the electorate and thoughtfully open up a dialogue to plan the next five years.



MP's could also use this time not to complain that they are not being spoon fed enough government legislation but to think for themselves, propose ideas rooted in their constituency experience, digest the lessons of the recent elections, debate the rich all party  policy vein of select committee reports and act as the forum to discuss [without votes] the issues of concern to the electorate.



The voters delivered a complex judgement last week, it needs to be thought about not reacted to.A final year of this and all future parliaments should be as much about reflection and debate and not be measured by the pace of the legislative sausage machine.
“The year ahead of the next general election presents a wonderful opportunity for Parliament, Parties and politicians to demonstrate a better side to the public including exploring real policy choices and holding serious debate. We should be bold enough to use this unique period not just as a conventional legislative year but with imagination and creativity.” 





In a report published today, Wednesday 7 May 2014 the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee calls on Government, Parliament and all the political parties to use the remaining time before the end of the first ever fixed-term parliament to fully and properly plan ahead of the 2015 election and the next Parliament.