Local MP “I will be voting against the badger cull today

Posted on 13 March 2014 (Permalink)

Local MP “I will be voting against the badger cull today



Local MP for Nottingham North, Graham Allen, has today reasserted his opposition to the Government’s badger cull ahead of a backbench business debate today (13th March).


The Somerset and Gloucestershire trials, which started in August 2013, failed to reach the 70 per cent target reduction in the badger population that Government ministers set. After the cull was extended, the badger population in the Gloucestershire trial was only reduced by an estimated 65 per cent, while the trial in Somerset achieved a population reduction of just 39 per cent at the time it was abandoned.


It is estimated that these failed cuts may have cost as much as £7 million to date; equivalent to more than £4,000 per badger killed. Leading independent scientists have warned that the decision to extend the cull and the failure to cull seventy per cent of the badger population may have increased the spread of bovine TB as a result of perturbation.

Graham Allen MP said “We do need a serious strategy to eradicate bovine TB, but it has got to be based on the science. It is time to restore evidence-based policy making to the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs which Labour intends to do if we win the next election”.


“All the evidence and expert advice that I have seen suggests that the most effective strategy will need to focus on badger vaccination and enhanced measures to address herd to herd transmission, including compulsory post-movement testing, a comprehensive risk-based trading system, and more robust bio-security on farms. I know from the hundreds of letters I have received that this is a really pressing issue that my constituents feel very strongly about.”


“I am clear that to press ahead with further culls would not only be unscientific, but irresponsible and reckless. It’s time for the Government to stop this ridiculous cull.”