BBC attack postal voters, ignore millions without the vote

Posted on 11 March 2014 (Permalink)


It is a great pity that the BBC is unwittingly being a part of a co-ordinated political campaign to remove the vote potentially from millions of people. It should spend a proportionate amount of energy on revealing the enormous scandal of millions not on the electoral register.

My Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee is currently taking evidence on increasing voter engagement, at the same time the BBC [File on 4 tonight] is preparing the ground for those who want enormous numbers of electors to lose their Postal Votes.

I agree with Cabinet Office minister Greg Clark who said he recognised the problem of fraud but did not think postal voting on demand should be scrapped. "Postal voting has proved very important in making sure that people can access the franchise. "I think it particularly important that a relatively small number of cases of abuse, which need to be addressed and clamped down very firmly, don't prevent other people - the vast majority of people - using it in a law-abiding way."