Why I support plans to improve Basford Hall

Posted on 18 September 2013 (Permalink)
Why do we need to keep and expand Basford Hall College?

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring serious investment to local further education which we have worked hard for. Our local young people need a place that provides qualifications and skills so they can get jobs. Over 1,436 young people have been unemployed for over a year in the North of the City. The Nottingham North area sends the fewest number of young people to college and university of any constituency in the UK,this is our best chance to tackle that problem.

If we don’t invest in Basford Hall it could again be threatened by closure and turned into a housing estate. We fought a great campaign to stop this ,now we need to finish the job and secure the investment to give the college and our young people a long term future.

What does it do now?

The current Basford Hall is a great local asset. It offers Diplomas, NVQs, HNDs, HNCs, and Degrees. Courses include Construction,Plastering,Joinery,Painting and Decorating. It takes in 3,000 learners every year, with 1340 coming from the local area. It is a real success story. Everyone in the area knows someone who did well at Basford Hall, got qualifications ,a job , a second chance and some who even turned their life around.

What will a new building deliver?

The new Basford Hall will offer a much larger selection of courses to meet modern job needs;
- Construction ,tiling,surveying,plumbing and gas refrigeration and air conditioning, electrical installation, fabrication and welding, civil engineering and building services,
- Science, including Bio Science, animal care, job related biology, physics, chemistry, health sciences, forensics science and life sciences
- Green Energy, Technology, Engineering and Maths

It will offer education and training to learners aged from 16+, including those leaving school, retraining for a new career or undertaking an Apprenticeship. This will increase with the redevelopment, including an additional 300 Apprenticeships. Strong links with employers will be a key focus so that learners are fully ready to enter employment when they leave.

Why Basford Hall?

-Basford Hall has a great history at thr heart of our community and dates back to the 1960s, but it is no longer efficient, the buildings are long past their lifespan and has become a drain on college resources which could be better invested in learning. A new purpose built building will bring the best to our area where local young people can feel inspired and do just as well and be as respected as anywhere else .

-Investment and renewal in Nottingham has been occurring at pace in the city centre and in the south of the city with the welcome launch of the £60m Creative Quarter and the extension to the existing tram network, however the speed of renewal in the north of the city has been slower. The areas surrounding Basford Hall – Bilborough, Aspley, Basford, Bulwell and Bestwood - fall within the 30% most deprived areas in England with more than 30% of residents having no formal qualifications. - As well as strengthening its local impact ,it will become a regional centre helped by its excellent transport links and closeness to the M1, A610 and A52. The big frontage onto the A610 Nottingham’s main arterial road should be fully used in the design to broadcast the College and what it offers.

Benefits to our community

- If it is properly marketed then local young people will have an inspirational training and qualifications centre on their doorstep which is geared up to equip them with the skills they need for the jobs of the future
- Local adults have easy access to a centre where they can get back into education or retrain to work in a new industry
- The centre will be a trigger to rebalance Nottingham ensuring that the benefits of investment are seen in the north of the city as well as in the centre and the south
- A £27m investment in Basford will positively impact on local pride and the local economy, particularly the construction sector.
- Last but not least I am insisting that those who live right next to the site should be fully involved in the design of the new college so green space and play areas are built-in so they continue to own and feel rightly proud of their college.