Nottingham North -fewest kids going to university and what we are doing about it!

Posted on 12 September 2013 (Permalink)

While Nottingham North is still the constituency which sends the fewest number of kids to University of any in the UK the good news is that because of the hard work and dedication of our Heads the numbers are dramatically improving. This adds strength to the case I and our 6 secondary Heads will make to the Secretary of State on September 11th that we should be allowed to keep the successful continuous assessment regime and also that our pioneering Early Intervention programme is starting to improve ability of young people to take advantage of the opportunities available.

The key statistics are ;
*that the rate of School leavers from Nottingham North going to university was 13.1% [about 1 in 8]compared to the national averages of 34.7%[about 1 in 3] . This was the lowest rate across all 650 UK constituencies.
* University acceptances for the constituency increased well above average between 2005 and 2009. The 55% increase was the 18th highest in England. Over a 12-year period, there has been a significant increase of 94.2% in the number of accepted University applicants from Nottingham North.
From a very low base ,the improvement has been significant .It is a real credit to Nottinghams long term policies and all those involved particularly the young people themselves. Our young people are proving they can achieve with the best of them!”