Graham Allen MP to help Food Bank collection

Posted on 20 June 2013 (Permalink)

Tesco we will soon be holding their second National Food Collection1, in conjunction with the Trussell Trust2 and FareShare3.  The first collection, held last December, was a fantastic success.  And provided  2.4 million meals for those in need - the biggest ever national food collection.

Food poverty has become a serious issue. The Trussell Trust has said that the number of people turning to its foodbanks has almost tripled over the last twelve months and FareShare is now redistributing food to more people than ever before, benefiting around 43,000 people every day through 910 charities based across the country. 

and we’ll be able to give you further details about how you can show your support. If you’d like to tweet your support of the collection please use #everycanhelps.



Graham Allen says: “Food banks have sadly become an essential ingredient in a society presided over by a Government which has lost its way. I had hoped that events like this would be consigned to history and not be part of a 21st Century Britain. The fact that 2.4 million meals were provided last year is yet another testament to failure.” Hopefully we can start to rectify the situation and repair the damage with a change of Government in 2 years time”


“That said we must all make every effort to help those, through no fault of their own, in need and I commend Tesco for showing this initiative. I like the idea of suggested shopping lists and the Tesco staff  have contributed towards a helpful 30% top up of anything collected.”


“If you could just buy a tin of soup it can make the difference between being hungry and despairing to being that bit more hopeful.”


“I look forward to meeting people on 6 July; please pop in to say hello and please help someone in need.”