Graham Allen MP “concerns” about unemployment figures

Posted on 14 June 2013 (Permalink)

Graham Allen MP says:

“The latest figures show how much catching up has to be done in Nottingham North. We still have a long way to go before we reach the situation in 2007. Since then there has been an 80% increase in the number of my constituents claiming benefit.2

“Also of concern are the numbers of long term unemployed and claimants below 24 years of age. Over a third of claimants in Nottingham North have been claiming for over 12 months compared to a quarter in the south east. Similarly 30% of our claimants are under 24.”

“We desperately need the jobs to come here. There are 16 people chasing every job which becomes available in one of our jobcentres, compared to just over 2 in the South East.”

“The statistics show a problem with our training. In percentage terms almost three times as many have no qualifications in Nottingham North than in the South East and twice the proportion of southerners are highly qualified. It’s no good the government cutting Education Support and expecting people to self-fund. That only works if you are born with the silver spoon”

“The government must invest in the regions and offer greater incentives for firms to move up the M1.”

“The inequalities between north and south must be brought to check.”




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