Graham visits Nottingham University Samworth Academy for discussion with students

Posted on 14 February 2013 (Permalink)

Graham visited Nottingham University Samworth Academy (NUSA) in Bilborough on Friday 1st February to participate in a discussion with a Year 9 class who have just started a Politics module. 

Graham said: "I've had the pleasure today of listening and debating with these very articulate and passionate young teenagers about the national issues our country is facing and local issues that affect our residents”.

He continued: "I was impressed with the range and depth of their questions on my work on Early Intervention that is helping break vicious cycles of deprivation in Nottingham.  The Nottingham University Samworth Academy is doing a great job of raising aspirations and I'm very pleased to have been part of this endeavour today.  These students seem well aware of how they will be affected by some of the major changes that are currently panned.  I feel reassured by their keen interest.”

NUSA Principal David Harris said: “I was so proud of the mature way our pupils welcomed Graham.  The questions they asked him were insightful and his answers have given them a real understanding of the importance of politics.  I believe this type of event must be one of the best ways of ensuring that young people become engaged in politics.  I am very grateful to Graham for giving up his time to visit NUSA.”