Early Intervention Foundation contract signed

Posted on 14 February 2013 (Permalink)

On Tuesday February 5th, Graham attended an event where the Department of Education and the Early Intervention Foundation Consortium signed a contract signalling the much anticipated opening of the Early Intervention Foundation.

The Foundation is being set up by a consortium of organisations which includes 4Children, The Local Government Association and Achievement for All 3As.  The organisations will support the new Foundation in its infancy before handing over responsibility to the Foundation’s trustees and management once it is established as a charity in its own right, in the summer. 

The Foundation will be the driving force in greater use of early intervention approaches. It will assess what programs work, give evidence-based advice to local commissioners, service providers and potential investors, and advocate for early intervention as a serious alternative to expensive and often ineffective late intervention.

Graham, Chair of the Early Intervention Foundation, said: “After much anticipation it is fantastic news that today the contracts have been signed and the work of creating an independent, Early Intervention Foundation can begin.  The Foundation will have a vital role to play in ensuring that every baby, child and young person has the social and emotional capabilities, to fulfill their potential. 

Graham has been a long time advocate for more early intervention programs in the UK and has put Nottingham on the map for the successes of these programs in the area.

Early intervention identifies the early symptoms of social problems and then tackles the root causes - from drink and drug abuse, teen pregnancy, low educational attainment, poor parenting and unemployment – by giving every baby, child and young person the social and emotional skills necessary to enable them to fulfill their potential.  Tackling the cause of the problem breaks the intergenerational cycles of dysfunction and reduces later costs to the taxpayer as well as non financial costs to society as a whole. 

 The Early Intervention Foundation will initially focus on work within England but will engage with partners across the UK who share the objective of promoting Early Intervention.