Graham to meet Minister for Flooding

Posted on 14 January 2013 (Permalink)

Graham is meeting with the Minister for flooding Richard Benyon MP from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. He has agreed to see graham next week on 15th January in Westminster to discuss the serious problem of rising ground water in Basford.  Local Councillor Alex Norris made Graham aware of the issue, and the Council leader Jon Collins recently wrote to him after a site visit.

Basford has been struck with rising ground water levels since the demise of the textile dying and brewing industries in this area. These industries previously extracted large volumes of water from the area, protecting homes from flooding. Now these industries have disappeared and the water table is getting back to its pre-industrial levels, when Basford around the river Leen was a swamp and my great great grandfather was a basket weaver using the reeds that grew in abundance there. Homes in Basford  are vulnerable and helpless against the rising water levels. The problem has hit many homes in the Basford area, leaving many residents’ cellars flooded.

This is a very serious issue to many residents in Basford whose homes are flooded because of the rising ground water. This water is causing serious structural damage to these homes. On top of this, in many of these residences, the electricity and gas meters are located in these cellars, and their energy providers refuse to read their meters or move them to a suitable location. 

These residents are under a huge amount of stress, but as rising ground water is a natural phenomenon, it is not the Local Authority, Environment Agency or the Water Company’s responsibility to resolve the problem. This has left them utterly powerless on the issue. Graham plans to make the Minister aware of the problems in Basford and to see if there is  an effective solution with him to help these residents.