Graham Blasts Cruel "Sports"

Posted on 21 November 2012 (Permalink)
Graham met with the Chief Executive of animal welfare charity the League Against Cruel Sports. They discussed the dangers of the repeal fo the Hunting Act, the banning of snares to trap animals, as well as ways that Graham could support the League’s work in the future. Graham said: I was extremely pleased to meet Joe Duckworth, the Chief Executive of the League Against Cruel Sports. As an animal lover myself I am extremely encouraged by the hard work of the League, especially their recent success at halting the badger cull, which I voted against. Our biggest concern is the repeal of the Hunting Act, which the Labour Government fought so hard for, and many of the current Government voted against. There has been a lot of inconsistency in the effectiveness of enforcement of this important Act around the country, and we need to be seeing better and stronger enforcement from Police Forces all over Britain. I also want to see an end to the use of snares. Snaring is vicious, cruel and unnecessary. "I'll be campaigning for the end of manufacture, sale, and use of all snares."