Nottinghamshire Delegates call for cycle law changes

Posted on 6 November 2012 (Permalink)

Graham took Nottingham councillors Ian Morrison and David Kirkham on Monday 5th November to Westminster to lobby for legislation regarding cycling safety with Transport Minister Stephen Hammond MP. They asked the minister to do more for cyclists safety. Seven people have been killed while on their bike in Nottingham this year.

They discussed the different ways that the Department for Transportation and local councils can work together to reduce the amound of cycling accidents and fatalities, school initiatives for youth, ensuring that retailers know the importance of sellign helmets to first time cycle buyers, support for community cycling safety campaigns and schemes, and possible financial investments to assist cycling safety. 

He stated "Graham said “I welcome the Minister’s comments today and the opportunity he gave local representatives of Nottinghamshire to voice their ideas and inform him of our cycling safety campaigns on the ground.  I want to get people using bicycles and I want them to be safe."