November 2012

21 November 2012

Graham Blasts Cruel "Sports"

Graham met with the Chief Executive of animal welfare charity the League Against Cruel Sports. They discussed the dangers of the repeal fo the Hunting Act, the banning of snares to trap animals, as well as ways that Graham could support the League’s work in the future. Graham said: I was extremely pleased to meet Joe Duckworth, the Chief Executive of the League Against Cruel Sports. As an animal lover myself I am extremely encouraged by the hard work of the League, especially their recent success at halting the badger cull, which I voted against. Our biggest concern is the repeal of the Hunting Act, which the Labour Government fought so hard for, and many of the current Government voted against. There has been a lot of inconsistency in the effectiveness of enforcement of this important Act around the country, and we need to be seeing better and stronger enforcement from Police Forces all over Britain. I also want to see an end to the use of snares. Snaring is vicious, cruel and unnecessary. "I'll be campaigning for the end of manufacture, sale, and use of all snares." Read more >

20 November 2012

Parliamentary Reception for Save the Children

Graham hosted Save the Children in Parliament. They launched the Families and Schools Together (FAST) programme. This award-winning programme is a two-year universal series for children between 5 and 9 and their families. The programme coordinates multi-family group activities using experimental learning, coaching, and supportive methods. Their goal is to assist children and offer them a chance to reach their full potential. In 2011 alone, FAST was able to help 3,600 children and plans on reaching out to many more. They hope to create 400 more groups throughout the country by 2014 and improve the lives of 50,000 children. Read more >

9 November 2012

Live Discussion: Local Parnerships

Graham took part in a live online discussion, hosted by The Guardian from 1pm to 3pm on Thursday 08 November. The discussion, supported by Zurich, looked into new relationships between central and local government. Potential challenges and benefits of these relationships were highlighted. Read more >

9 November 2012

Is Nottingham Working?

Graham visited the offices of A4e in Nottingham on a fact finding visit to understand how the work programme is functioning in Nottingham. A4e Nottingham services the whole of Nottingham City and its surrounding area. It delivering the Work Programme, now in its second year of operation, provides tailored support for unemployed customers who need more help to undertake active and effective job-seeking. Graham said: "I have been invited to see the work A4e are doing to try to get people back to work. We need to get people back to work and get our economy growing. I want government contractors doing as much as they can and today I will be checking on progress so far" Read more >

6 November 2012

Nottinghamshire Delegates call for cycle law changes

Graham took Nottingham councillors Ian Morrison and David Kirkham to Westminster to lobby for legislation regarding cycling safety with Transport Minister Stephen Hammond MP. They asked the minister to do more for cyclists safety. Seven people have been killed while on their bike in Nottingham this year. They discussed the department’s support for cycling safety campaigns, changes to dangerous junctions, educational programmes, and school initiatives for youth. Graham said: Cycling may be a green means of transport but steps need to be taken to ensure that cyclists are safe. Read more >

6 November 2012

MP pushes to end metal thefts

The Bill that Graham is supporting, aimed at reducing metal thefts, is now in the Lords. He has welcomed the proposal to licence scrap metal dealers in order to combat the recent increase in metal thefts, especially within his constituency. If the legislation is passed, scrap metal dealers will be required to apply for a licence within their local council, making identification necessary when selling metal. In addition, a public register of all registered dealers would be created, and police would have the ability to close unlawful dealers. You can follow the bill’s progress here: Read more >

2 November 2012

Springfield Corner Back to Life

Graham visited the newly renovated Springfield Corner in Bulwell. Wildlife in the City, a project led by the Wildlife Trust and Nottingham City Council, recruited volunteers to help clean up the area. This city nature reserve, located at the end of Hucknall Road in Bulwell has been cleaned, restored, and is ready for public enjoyment. Jackie and Andy Norris joined Graham at the opening. Graham said, "The spruce-up will be much appreciated by passers by and local residents. What's good is that although small it has a high impact, being close to the tram stop a busy road and industrial units." He added, "Congratulations to the Wildlife Trust and many thanks to the hard working volunteers who have made this possible." Read more >

1 November 2012

Kids get tips on police, fire fighters

Graham opened an event at Sixways Community Centre on Saturday, October 21st. The event was held for children to learn about emergency services. Families talked to, and saw demonstrations by police and fire-fighters. The event largely organized by local resident George Todd and hosted by the Broxtowe Partnership Trust was deemed a huge success, welcoming around 100 children and their families to participate in the festivities. Read more >