Have you claimed your heating grant?

Posted on 12 June 2012 (Permalink)

Many have yet to claim the government grants they’re entitled to, to heat and insulate their homes.

£50 million was made available for heating and insulation, known as the ‘Warm Front’ budget.  This is enough to provide grants averaging £2,500 to 25,000 homes.  Much of the money is still sitting around waiting to be claimed and is currently available until March, 2013.  The grants need to be claimed within the next six months, however, to allow for their installation before the deadline.

Graham Allen, Nottingham North MP, said, “Many are unaware that this money is available and it is not getting to those that need it the most.  Lots of my constituents are struggling to pay their bills in these difficult times and these grants could save them a lot of money.  Nottingham North is in the top ten when it comes to the most fuel-poor constituencies and grants such as this can make a big difference.  Unfortunately, the grants are not being taken up partly because of a lack of promotion.  Many of those that need the money do not know that they qualify for it.  The Government needs to ensure that these grants are widely promoted, so that those who are eligible can claim them. 

The Warm Front scheme has installed heating and insulation in over two million homes in the past ten years but a further two million have yet to be done.

Mr Allen said, “I would urge my constituents to find out if they are entitled to these grants and to make the most of them to heat and insulate their homes.”