Early Intervention in health conference

Posted on 4 June 2012 (Permalink)

The Secretary of State, Andrew Lansley MP, will be addressing the conference.  Also speaking at the event will be Honor Rhodes, NHS Non-Executive Director on the North East London Cluster Board and on the City and member of Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group, Angela Donkin, Consultant with the Institute of Health Equity, and Graham Allen MP, Chair of the Independent Review of Early Intervention to HMG. 

Graham Allen MP said, “Preventative action is better than a cure.  The recent proposed changes to health and social care policy present new opportunities for health to play an increasing, independent and important role in early intervention. The new statutory duty to reduce inequalities in health outcomes, created under the new NHS bill, will offer health bodies across England an opportunity to show leadership on improving the lives of children and their families by taking preventive action.

“A key element to the successful delivery of localised early intervention programmes and practices will be better integration with local health services. Health professionals such as GPs, midwives and health visitors play a vital role in supporting child development and in referring mothers and children who might need additional help to more targeted assistance.

“We’re making real progress in this area and I’m looking forward to hearing people’s ideas at the conference.”

The event, “Early Intervention and Health: Seizing the opportunity”, will take place on 8th May from 1pm – 4pm in the House of Commons.