Graham Allen, MP supports Nottingham’s carers

Posted on 27 February 2012 (Permalink)

Proposed changes to benefits could see parents having to increase their work hours from a minimum of 16 hours per week to 24, or face losing £3,870 a year.  Parents caring for children with disabilities will suffer as they will struggle to increase their hours.

Substantial caring responsibilities will prevent some parents being able to work the additional 8 hours a week, making them ineligible for the Working Tax Credit and leaving them with £74 less in their pockets each week.  This creates a disincentive to work.

Raising a child with disabilities costs three times more, yet the time it takes makes it difficult for these parents to work long hours.  The changes to the Working Tax Credit will therefore have an unfair impact on parents with disabled children, who are already facing financial challenges.  This puts children with disabilities and their families at a greater risk of poverty.

Graham said, “These changes are impacting on families with disabled children disproportionately.  In the current economic climate many parents will struggle to increase their hours of work, especially when they’re also trying to care for a child full-time.  At a time when families are struggling and need support, that support is being taken away from them.  I am determined to stand up for families in Nottingham and I am calling on the government to reconsider this proposal.”

Over 400 families in Nottingham North could lose all £3,870 of their Working Tax Credit as a result of proposed changes.  In addition to this, the government’s decision not to increase tax credit rates in line with inflation will see all recipients getting less money.