In Parliament

Graham_speaking_in_the_chamber Graham has represented Nottingham North, the constituency where he was born and raised, since 1987. Graham previously has been a member of the Public Accounts Committee, which scrutinizes every part of public spending, and chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party Treasury Committee.   After the 1997 election Graham was appointed to the Government Whips Office as a Senior Whip (Lord Commissioner) and Whip to the Deputy Prime Minister. In 1999 he was promoted to Vice Chamberlain of Her Majesty’s Household – which gave him the ceremonial role of being the MP who is “kidnapped” in Buckingham Palace during the State Opening of Parliament – and Whip to the Treasury, a position he held until the 2001 election.

After the 2010 election Graham became the chairman of the newly formed Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee, which looked into any possible reform of British government and democracy. It also scrutinized all the work of the then Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. The Committee produced a wide range of reports on issues such as Voter Engagement, the Lobbying Bill and a Written Constitution. However, after the 2015 General Election, the committee was scrapped by the incoming Conservative Government. To look back on and find out more and read about the work of the Committee, please use this link. With this appointment, Graham also became a member of the Liaison Committee between 2010-2015, which decides when the House should have a full debate on a Select Committee report, and also regularly questions the Prime Minister. 

Please use this section to keep up to date with Graham’s parliamentary activities.  You can view his contributions to debates, the Parliamentary Questions he has put to ministers, and all of his work in committees.