Written Constitution

Do you want to know the rules of our democracy?

a written constitutionThe Political and Constitutional Reform Committee, which Graham chairs, recently published its report into the prospect of the UK having a written constitution. The report is the culmination of four years’ work into what our democracy should look like.

Unlike most leading democracies, we don’t have a Written Constitution setting out the rules and principles that govern our county. Instead, our rulebook has developed gradually over time and is not collected together in one document.

So what would a written constitution mean for the people? We would have a real political reference book which people could refer to, citizens could own and be proud of. The country’s rulebook could be in your pocket, clearly setting out the principles and rules we live by.

In turn, people would know where they stood with their government, and whether their government was playing by the rules. We would know exactly what the powers of Parliament and the Prime Minister are. The government would be accountable.

A New Magna CartaSome of these changes might mean people will be more positive about politics. Knowing the rules of the game will go a long way to ensure it is played fairly.

What sort of government would you like? Do you want to vote directly for the Prime Minister? Do you want a separate English Parliament, or elected second chamber? Do you want your local council to have greater freedom? All of these questions could be answered in a new constitution decided by the people ultimately in a referendum.

The Committee has launched a consultation into what a written constitution should say. So, if you have any thoughts on this feel free to write to Graham or look at the model written constitution in the report below and comment on parliament.uk/pcrc-constitution.

For a short Summary of the report click here


For a list of the media coverage given to the report please click on the link below:


The Committee's Report in full is available here: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201415/cmselect/cmpolcon/463/463.pdf

Graham's twitter live chat on Written Constitution

If you missed Graham's live twitter chat for Parliament week on a written constitution for the UK then you can catch up with what you missed here!


Graham speaks on future of UK's Constitution following referendum in Scotland

Graham provided a response to Professor Stephen Haseler at the annual John Campbell Lecture, organised by Republic and the Federal Union. He argued that the referendum for Scottish independence has exposed a fatal flaw in the UK's constitution, and there are now opportunities to make decisions about the future of our democracy. The full video is available here: http://vimeo.com/112376661


"Pocket" UK Constitution Launched


Graham's committee recently launched a small, accessible document - The UK Constitution - which sets out the main features of our current democracy together with some possible options for future reform.

This follows on from the bigger "New Magna Carta" report and marks the culmination of five years of work by the Political and Constitutional Reform Select Committee.

This pocket version builds on the 3,000 consultation responses received by the Committe, and Graham hopes this document will build on this and encourage further debate about whether we need a written constitution and what it could contain.

You can read the document by clicking here: pocket Constitution 

Everyone is invited to have their say about the future of our democracy.

You can take our short survey, email your contributions to pcrc@parliament.uk or use #UKconstitution on social media.


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