Early Intervention Foundation vision, mission, aims, and values

Early Intervention Foundation vision, mission, aims, and values

[agreed by the EIF Trustees July 2012]


Purpose of this document

The purpose of this document is to set out a vision, mission, and beliefs for the EIF charity.


1.     Vision

The EIF wants to build a world where every baby, child and young person can realise their potential by having the basic social and emotional skills that most of us take for granted.


 2.      Mission

2.1     The mission of the EIF is to be an independent, authoritative voice campaigning to change the culture from late intervention to early intervention at national and local level. We will champion and promote Early Intervention across the UK.  We will seek to take Early Intervention to scale by the widespread adoption of evidence-based Early Intervention programmes, policies and practice, so as to improve outcomes for children and families in every locality that needs it.


2.2       We will reduce the waste of public and private money spent on expensive and only partially effective late intervention to tackle social problems which can be prevented through less expensive, more effective Early Intervention.


2.3       In order to promote social and emotional bedrock we support proven interventions at any point in a 0 to 18 cycle. This includes those aged 0-3, but also means equipping the 0-18s to make effective choices about their lives and, above all, to become good parents, thus breaking the transfer of dysfunction from one generation to the next. So we support intervening early with the baby itself and with the potential parent to be.


3.     Aims

The EIF has the following aims:


  • to convene and speak on behalf of all who wish to promote evidence-based Early Intervention  and argue for  appropriate levels of investment[SB1] 
  • to  provide a single source of independent, comprehensive and authoritative advice on Early Intervention - to government, to local commissioners, to investors and others
  •  to encourage the spread of Early Intervention, helping to take it from niche to critical mass
  • to improve the UK evidence base for Early Intervention
  • to become a thought leader for Early Intervention, to which others will turn for inspiration  and advice


5. Values

5.1       Our values provide the code of conduct we prize. The EIF will always be a group of people who act upon these values.


5.2       Independence. We must always be respected and beyond reproach, and able to tell the truth to power in all its forms


5.3       Customer Focus.  We will never forget we are in being to help babies, children and young people optimise the social and emotional bedrock upon which they and future generations depend.


5.4       Inclusiveness. We will always wish to involve the broadest number of people and organisations to understand, develop and spread our message. .


5.5       Rigour. We must always be an honest and reliable source of information and evidence.


5.6       Creativity. We will not be complacent and will always seek to innovate to create new value.


5.7       Collaborative Focus. We must enable other institutions in the early intervention field to reach out, strengthen their confidence and span, and grow their businesses and impact.




 July 2012


 [SB1]Need to build on the 3As – Advocacy, Advice  and Assessment – use the words from the bid