Outcome of the EU referendum June 2016

Thank you for contacting me recently to express your opinion about the result of the EU referendum.  I have received over a hundred emails with a variety of views. For a long time, no other issue has caused such a strong reaction.

I myself backed the Remain side during the EU referendum and therefore I am disappointed by the result. However, I respect the way our democracy works. The decision was made in principle, which must be respected, and now the government and parliament have to put the hard miles into precisely what will happen and that will take at least two years. During that time, we will be able to see if the promises made by the Leave Campaign on funding of the NHS and immigration etc come true.

However, I am absolutely appalled by the wave of racism and xenophobia which has risen since the result has been announced. We cannot let the extremists and xenophobes use the result as a way of endorsing or amplifying their frankly intolerable views. It has not been only EU immigrants who have been targeted and met with hate but also people who are of different country, skin colour and religion. I always have and always will oppose any racist and xenophobic attacks and views and will stand in solidarity with those people who are now being made unwelcome despite living here for many years and becoming fully integrated members of society.

The UK has a proud history of accepting people from all sorts of backgrounds and different cultures. We cannot blame the failure of the Tory government to properly fund our NHS and other public services on the level of immigration.

I welcome the creation of many events across Britain like Nottingham Together to show that a majority of people in the UK are welcoming and inclusive. I would urge you to stand up to bullies, racists, xenophobes and fight for better future for all of us.

Furthermore, we need a period of calm now. The result was a surprise. Nobody seems to have a post Brexit plan and the media hysteria is running high. This means that a lot of people are being driven by their emotions and that wouldn’t help them to make the right decision for the future.

Thank you again for writing to me and sharing your views. I can assure you that I read all of your opinions with great interest and I will bear in mind the points you have raised as events unfold in the coming years.