Leadership of Labour Party July 2016

Thank you for contacting me recently regarding the leadership of the Labour Party.

I wish to see a united Labour Party which will take us to electoral victory in 2020 and before that oppose the awful Tory Government not least to deliver the best possible outcome from the post Brexit negotiation. Therefore, I am deeply disappointed at some recent events within our Party.

All Labour supporters should talk about those issues respectfully and within the rules. That’s why I did not participate in the so-called “Vote of No Confidence". It had no standing in our PLP or Party rules. It was also unnecessary, many Labour MPs had already made their views well known not least by their synchronised resignations.

The rules say that if Labour MPs wish to remove a leader there is clear provision that 20% of the PLP or 51 MPs have to nominate a named alternative. If such step is taken you and I and every other party member will have the opportunity to assess the records of the candidates and make our decision

It is important however that everyone should then accept the decision of our Party and support the Leader whoever it is.

In the meantime, we should follow due process and cease all the orchestrated activity by both fractions which is destroying the possibility of our Party coming to Government in 2020.

Thank you again for writing to me and expressing your views. As I write, it seems that a leadership election is imminent and I hope that Labour members will participate in this election and unite the Labour Party to create an effective opposition to the Tory Party and a party which will win the next general election.