Hoewood/LowWood January 2016

Dear Resident

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding Hoewood Road Field.

As someone who has been a supporter of reviving the derelict Hoewood/LowWood site over the years, I am pleased that after 15 years we have finally secured some funding to start its transformation into a treasured community asset.

It was fantastic to see the community support for the project at our first meeting and I was very interested to hear the ideas and suggestions put forward for the project.

Thank you for making suggestions for reaching more constituents with details about our next meeting, be assured that I will act on them. I am chasing up all the promises made to us at the last meeting and will then have further proposals which I will ask to be presented to local people at a further meeting. It looks like it is going in the right direction and will be something we can be proud of.

I understand from calls received to my constituency office that a board has gone up on the site recently.  I am checking with the council but my guess is the proposed land sale will be the county trying (yet again) to sell the other half for development. We can still go ahead with our half even though the county wants to sell their half - but I believe they will have zero chance achieving this objective. Hopefully they will give up by which time we will have made a nice park as agreed on our half of the land, and then be ready to expand it onto the bit they are trying to sell! 

Thank you again for writing to me and for supporting the project.