EU Referendum Leaflet April 2016

Thank you for writing me recently regarding the pro- EU leaflets distributed to households in England.

As you know, the Government spent £9 million on pro-EU leaflets ahead of the referendum.  The leaflet, sent to every home in the country, lays out the argument for a “remain vote” on the June 23rd referendum, and is titled “Why the government believes that voting to remain in the European Union is the best decision for the UK”.  Downing Street has stated that the pamphlet was a response to public polling that reports 85% of the public wanted more information to help make an informed choice on the referendum. 

I know that many of my constituents are angry over the leaflets.  An e-petition to stop David Cameron from spending taxpayer money on the pro-EU leaflet has garnered over 200,000 signatures in less than a week. 

I believe that the public are entitled to accurate and unbiased information.  It is particularly crucial that the public has access to good information when deciding how to vote on such an important referendum.  If 85% of the public do indeed want more information, the Government should spend equal amounts of money on both sides of the issue.  As Jeremy Corbyn said, the Government should take an “even-handed approach” to informing the public about the EU referendum by fairly presenting both sides of the issue in the leaflet. 

I encourage you to conduct your own research on the pros and cons of remaining or leaving the EU.  There are many good articles online that present background information and both sides of the issue—The Week Magazine has a good article on their website, and most major news websites (including the BBC and Sky News) have articles presenting both sides of the issue as well.  Newspapers, both printed and online, have many opinion pieces and news stories that either take one side of the issue or present both arguments.  

If you are interested in my stance on the EU referendum, I encourage you to look at my website:

Thank you again for writing me and sharing your views.