Pavement Parking October 2015

Thank you for contacting me recently regarding pavement parking.

I appreciate that many people are frustrated by the current laws concerning parking on pavements.

I also agree that the current laws on pavement parking are often confusing for motorists, dangerous for vulnerable road users and costly for councils who are having to repair damaged pavements.

As I am sure you are aware, decisions on pavement parking are devolved to local authorities, and while in some areas of the country it is illegal to park on a pavement - e.g. London - in other areas it is not prohibited.

It is important that local authorities have the power and choice to manage local streets, but I also believe that this patchwork of rules on pavement parking needs to be reformed so there is greater national consistency. That is why in the last Parliament Labour MPs supported the Pavement Parking Bill, which would have legislated for a national law on pavement parking with flexibility for local authorities to make exemptions if appropriate. 

I know that many people were disappointed when the Bill did not receive a Second Reading in the House of Commons due to a lack of Parliamentary time, which the Government control, and subsequently fell at the end of the 2014-15 parliamentary session. I therefore welcome that Simon Hoare MP has tabled this Bill as a Private Member’s Bill and thus the MPs will get a chance to discuss it in the Second Reading on 4 th December 2015.

I also believe it is important that the Government reform and improve the national consistency of pavement parking. 

Thank you once again for writing to me and for sharing your views. I will, of course, continue to bear them in mind and support the Pavement Parking Bill when it is debated further.