Northern Ireland Abortion Law July 15

Thank you for contacting me recently on the abortion law in Northern Ireland.

Abortion is not an issue that I, or any parliamentary colleague I know from any party, takes lightly.

I realise that these areas are complex and sensitive. I believe it is my responsibility as your Member of Parliament to use my judgement and consider carefully the varied and often opposing points both expert witnesses and constituents bring to me.

It is my firm belief that decisions on abortion should not be taken purely from an emotional or instinctive stand point, but on the basis of firm scientific evidence.

I am aware of the case in Northern Ireland, where a mother is being charged with purchasing abortion medication on behalf of her daughter. I am supportive of calls for the Northern Ireland authorities to drop all charges against the mother who provided her daughter with this medication; and to call off prosecutions of those who use the pills or help women to access them.

I will write to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland calling for them to put pressure on the Northern Irish Government to ensure that the opinions of people in the rest of the country are heard. However as a believer in devolution, it is up to the Northern Irish Government to decide how best to govern its people and should be free to determine what their law is on the issue of abortion.

Given the sensitive nature and strong feelings around this issue, the law is unlikely to meet the demands of every view, however I hope that the Northern Irish Government will ensure that their law is fair and respects the different sides of the debate.

Thank you once again for contacting me and sharing your views, I will bear in mind the points you have raised.