Throughout his time as an MP Graham has written three books and two Government reports.

reinventing_democracy Reinventing Democracy: Labour’s mission for the new century was published in 1995 and set out a radical agenda for democratic reform in the United Kingdom. The book addresses how an incoming Labour Government could create a pluralist democracy and break up our over centralised state through a package of reforms.

It suggests practical ways of creating an effective House of Commons, electing a Second Chamber and giving local government independence to allow localities flourish.

the_last_prime_minister Graham’s second book is called The Last Prime Minister: Being honest about the UK presidency. Used in political classes to discuss the overbearing power of the executive in British politics, the book argues for the need separation of powers and direct election of the Prime Minister.

In the Last Prime Minister he shows the British people how they had acquired an executive presidency by stealth. The publication is the first-ever attempt to codify the Prime Minister's powers, many hidden in the mysteries of the royal prerogative.

early_intervention In 2008 Graham co-authored a book with ex-leader of the Conservative Party Ian Duncan Smith titled Early Intervention: good parents, great kids, better citizens. Published by the Smith Institute and Centre for Social Justice the book showed how concerted early action could transform parenting skills and revitalise the life chances of children.

Without this Britain will be saddled with a new and expensive generation of disturbed and aggressive young people doomed to repeat and amplify the social breakdown disfiguring their lives and others around them.

In July 2010, the Prime Minister requested Graham Chair an Independent Review of Early Intervention to report to Her Majesty’s Government. He produced two reports, the first, Early Intervention: the Next Steps published January 2011, and the second of which, Early Intervention Smart Investment, Massive Savings, was published in July 2011.